When, in the diverse and impetuous course of the teenage life, it becomes necessary for one to diffuse and disband personal bonds with their parents which have chained them to a sense of limitation. We are informed that the Founding Fathers of our grand nation have set an undeniable precedent of freedom and privilege, yet how are we still denied the growing entitlement and respect in which we are due? Their expectations for us are consistently raised to high levels of responsibility and self-reliance, yet how do we still remain shadowed by a menacing veil of authority? There comes a time for children to leave the warm and hospitable nest of nourishment and parenthood, and that time is now. This is a crucial decision, so that it is fundamentally essential that we, the teenagers who will no longer stand these debilitating conditions of supervision, must declare the specifications which validate this.

These truths are emphasized prominently, as it becomes evident that all teenagers are created equal and deserve certain undeniable freedoms. This includes the right to pursue an education, the right to secure gainful employment, the right to branch out and experience new adventures, the right to pursue relationships of various types, and the right to discover ourselves as individuals. These liberties are thought to be granted as we come into this world from the time of origin, yet our parents have become excessive in their manipulative ways. Our parents visibly degrade us as simply fledglings, yet just as these creatures must flourish, spread their wings, and soar through the open skies like eagles, we can no longer tolerate this grave diminishment of character, and we too, must thrive. Although it is important, to some extent, to have parental assistance, support, and guidance, the current relationship has deteriorated, and has become utterly volatile. In a brilliant quest for the acquisition of independence and self-establishment, it is our right to sever the ties that bind us, here and now.To prove this, let these piercing facts stand as a testament of our unlawful injustices and grievances.

They have forbidden us from engaging in conversation and interacting with certain people, who were not satisfactory in their judgemental, glaring eyes. They have inhibited us from going out during all hours of the night, with a so called hope for our safety and protection. They have set debatable time limitations in which we must go to bed, regardless of how tired we actually are. They have subdued our desires and pleads, and have still forced us to take part in mundane family activities and gatherings.

They have pushed us to stray away from the consumption of certain foods. They have denied certain forms of personal expression through our clothing and decorative body choices. They have prevented us from going out and reveling in joy with friends, just so that we can stay home and slave away doing our tedious chores. They have subdued our frequency of access to all sorts of social media sites. They have forced us to notify them of where we are going before we can proceed with our course of intended action. They have smothered us in an intolerable way with their love, intentionally not subsiding from the concept that we are no longer children.

At this point, compromise would not find itself to be anywhere near useful. When we explain our point of view, to try to clarify our defense, they seem to foster no intention for change or improvement in their position of authority. Our attempts towards communication are halted with their inability to consider our perspectives, and all that results is further conflict and disrespect. We, therefore, the teenagers of our nation, have concluded that it is absolutely fundamental for our independence to be implemented in an irreversible manner. We irrevocably announce and finalize our entire separation from our parents and guardians. We will no longer host even a speck of obedience, accommodation, or servitude. We now bravely shatter any illusions of dependency and infantilism.

We now possess the unique power of young and free people, who fluently voice their individuality. We firmly grasp the ability to make our own decisions, take part in activities of our choosing, go boldly in the direction of our pursuits and goals, and seek our true, shimmering ambitions. In accordance with this triumphant declaration of liberty, with the continuous connection of our associations, we proudly affirm and establish our desires, new allegiance, and our new status of fervent autonomy.

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