When Albert Einstein was born on March 14th, 1879, in Ulm, Germany, no one knew he would turn out to be one of the smartest people ever. When he was only 10, he was put in high school, this school was very strict, he was forced to wear a uniform, and march from class to class, and he was also not allowed to ask questions. in 1894, his family moved to Italy, leaving Albert behind to finish school, later on in school, he was expelled for asking too many questions. In 1899, Albert decides to move to Switzerland, to finish high school, he liked this school because the people in Switzerland were very nice, and he liked it so much that he took college there. At college, he met another thinker named Mileva, In 1902, Albert got a job at the Patent Office, and also married Mileva. While working at the Patent Office, he was also working on a very important theory; the Special Theory of Relativity, In 1904, his wife had a son named Hans, In 1905, he published his theory: E=MC2, Other scientists didn’t like that idea, but he was proven right.

Albert believed that what we see as solid objects are actually balls of energy. To find out how much energy there is, you multiply the mass of the object by the speed of light x itself. Matter, light, and energy are all “related” to each other. Albert also said that light is bent by gravity, that space is curved, and that time seems to move more slowly for objects that move faster. The “Twin Paradox” is an example of this. If one ten-year-old twin stayed on Earth, and the other twin travelled to another planet ten light years away, and came back, he would still be ten years old, but the twin on Earth would be ten years older (20).

Five years later, Albert got a job at The University of Zurich, to become a professor. Another five years go by, and Albert leaves his wife and sons, to move to Germany, to prove one of his theories; the theory of curving light. He thought that scientific discovery was more important than personal relationships.

Another five years, and Albert married his cousin, Elsa. Two years later, Albert and Elsa go to the United States for a visit so he can work on his theories. A year goes by, and Albert wins the Nobel Prize, for his theory of the “photoelectrical effect” which basically led to the invention of the TV. Nine years later, the Nazis say that Albert is a spy, probably because he was Jewish. Two years later, in 1933, Albert and Elsa move to New Jersey to get away from the Nazis. Sadly, three years later, in 1936, Elsa dies.

Albert continued to work on his theories through WWII. His work led to the development of the atomic bomb; even though he was a pacificist. He said, “war was a disease” and “if only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker.

“In 1948, his first wife, Mileva, dies. And in 1951, Albert’s sister, Maja, dies too. In 1951, Albert became a U.S citizen.

He was a professor at Princeton University, but he never developed any other special theories, he simply taught physics. And sadly, in 1955, Albert died. Oddly, they stored Albert’s brain in a jar for a long time, hoping to discover what made Albert Einstein one of the smartest people the world has ever known.

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