When going to the
hospital or a doctor’s office, a registered nurse is the one who takes blood
pressure, height, weight, gives shots, etcetera. A registered nurse is someone
who focuses primarily on patient care. They work in all types of different type
of healthcare facilities. Nurses have to know how to provide comfort to their
patients. Registered Nursing is a superior career path due to its varied duties
and tasks, its challenging education and training, its broad salary and
benefits, and its growing employment outlook.

            Registered Nurses have many duties and tasks they need to
complete each day. Some of the tasks they complete are planning each morning
for the day, distributing medications, monitoring the patients’ health, and
doing checkups. “Registered nurses provide and coordinate patient care, educate
patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and
emotional support to patients and their family members.” (Bureau of Labor
Statistics). Registered Nurses have a busy schedule with all of the tasks they
have to do each and every day with patients and the physicians they work with.

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            Registered Nurses need to go through a great deal of
schooling to actually become a nurse. “Traditional BSN programs take about 4
years to complete. This includes all non-nursing prerequisite classes as well
as nursing prerequisites and nursing classes. The nursing program itself is
about 2 years.” (Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree). After graduating
nursing school, all nurses must take an exam called the NCLEX-RN to become a
registered nurse. Nearly half hold a baccalaureate degree or higher. While in
graduate school, nurses will need to do clinicals. In the clinicals nurses are
getting knowledge in a real life situation of what nursing is actually like in
a healthcare facility. These clinicals usually last six to eight hours in a
healthcare facility two or three times a week.

            Each type of nurse has a different annual salary
depending on what type of degree he or she has. “BSN educated RNs typically
make $67,000 to $77,000 per year. RNs usually work for an hourly wage.
Overtime, working the night shift which offers a shift differential, and taking
educational classes are a great way to earn extra money. Salary also rises
quickly with experience and certifications.” (Bachelor of Science in Nursing
(BSN) Degree). Just like any other occupation, the higher the degree, the
higher the pay granted. Some nurses receive a higher pay if they live in a
highly populated area because the cost of living is higher in these areas.
Nurses also can receive a higher pay if they are involved a private practice
rather than working in a regular healthcare facility. Nurses receive full coverage
insurance for dental, vision and medical from their employer.

            The employment outlook for Nursing is constantly growing.
“Nursing is also a job that is in demand. According to the Bureau of Labor
Statistics, registered nursing is among the top 10 occupations for job growth
between 2014 and 2024, expected to grow at 16%.” (Registered Nurse (RN)). One
of the reasons nursing is so highly in demand is because there is over 200
fields that can be specialized in. Another reason for this is because the people
are starting to live longer and this means that there are more people who need
medical insurance and medical care. Also, in the years to come health
conditions are predicted to skyrocket. Some of these health conditions are
obesity and diabetes.

In conclusion nursing is
one of the best fields to go into in the future because of its varied duties
and tasks, its challenging education and training, its wide salary and
benefits, and its growing employment outlook. The duties and tasks that need to
be done each day are sometimes different everyday but mostly the same showing
stability in the job. There is a wide variety of education paths that can be
chosen for nurses. There are many different types of nurses but Registered
Nursing is the most common of them all. Training is done through clinical in a
healthcare facility showing the students real life situations giving them a
chance to react to situations in a tangible environment. The salary is
different for nurses. What affects the salaries is how much schooling they have
done and what degree they have. Another thing that affects the salary is what
type of healthcare facility they work in. Lastly, the employment outlook is
growing because everyone needs health care in order to be healthy and have a
healthy lifestyle. Nursing is by far one of the most important careers that
anyone can go into and have a positive job outlook for a healthy life. 

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