I. Point of View

The clip context is assumed to be at present. since the instance is soundless as to when the job happened. There are already established private high schools in the country. but no high tuition private high school functioning the section ( high income households ) in peculiar. Prof. Bituin Abergas will set up under DEpEd Rules and Regulations for Private Schools in Basic Education. There are private simple schools conformable about the proposal. And. private simple schools in the country are assumed to be under a corporate signifier of concern.

II. Problem

How would Professor Bituin Abergas set up a high-tuition private high school in Caabanatuan City. Nueva Ecija?

III. Aims
1. To carry on a feasiblity survey for demand intents every bit shortly as possible.
2. To be able to subject petition for opening a school including the completed feasibleness survey to DepEd in Nueva Ecija Region.
3. To put to death necessary pre-operating activities and submit paperss required by the Depatment of Education.
4. To be able to get down the operation of the concern by the following school twelvemonth.
5. To continously supply high quality secondary degree educational services and installations.

IV. Areas of Consideration
1. High-income households in Cabanatuan City. Nueva Ecija.
2. Percept of the parents that existent instruction comes with high monetary value ticket.
3. Public schools are perceived as non being able to present quality educational services needed.
4. Increasing demand for private school.
5. Inadequately served market section ( high-income households ) .
6. No high-tuition private high school functioning the mark country.
7. Sheer figure of enrollees in public schools.
8. Opening of Montessori and private simple schools in the country.
9. Five-year administrative experience of Prof. Bituin Abergas in private

V. Alternative Courses of Action

1. Open a Level II ( Secondary ) Basic Education Course in an bing private simple school in the country. ADVANTAGES: Assurance of enrollees and a readily available location and installations. Fewer regulative demands. Ease in operation. Disadvantage: Possible struggle in the decision–making with the bing private simple direction. Change in the organisational set-up of direction. Opening a secondary BEC requires capital investing.

2. Establish a private high-school independently.
Advantage: An independent high-school therefore flexibleness in operations. Lower possibility of struggle with other private schools. It will maximise the managerial accomplishments of Professor Bituin Abergas. Disadvantage: It would imply a high initial investing in location. installations. equipment. etc. . and it will necessitate a more aggressive promotional runs before it operates. Tonss of paperss as regulative demands. It would take clip before the school can run.

3. Establish a subdivision or extension of an bing private high school. ADVANTAGES: Fewer regulative demands. Ease in operation. Disadvantage: Establishing a subdivision would be time-consuming and dearly-won. Generation of new thoughts is limited. VI. Recommendation

The most executable is to open a Level II ( Secondary ) Basic Education Course in an bing private simple school in the country. Sing the confidence of enrollees from the simple degree to high school and with fewer regulative demands from DEpEd.

VII. Decision

In opening a Level II ( Secondary ) Basic Education Course first one must carry on a feasibleness survey covering countries of concern ; selling. proficient. human resources. fiscal. A thorough rating of possible private simple schools willingness to set up secondary instruction. capacity to pull off. and unfastened to public investors. A good made feasibleness survey on capitalisation. estimated budget. and alterations in direction construction must be presented. Request to open a degree II Basic Education Course ( BEC ) must besides be submitted to DEpEd Regional Office.

After the building of new installations. a formal application for Permit to Operate should be filed. And during the operation. Recognition of Level II BEC must be applied for. Then. to be able to continuously supply a quality secondary high-school. a rigorous monitoring and rating of the overall operation should be implemented.

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