I feel that the universe inspires me because anything negative encourages me to be positive. When I see people making good as immature grownups it motivates me to be better and to concentrate on what’s of import my life. I have household members like my female parent. male parent etc that inspires me because everyone feel as if I’m non capable to make anything with my life or myself. After being around that negative energy it makes me experience as if they are stating the truth. I want to turn out myself incorrect and non believe in what they’re stating because it’s ever thrown at me when I’m round them. For my parents. I want them to be proud of me for going my dream.

I want to demo them that raising me wasn’t a waste of clip or energy. I admire people who are in college because I as a small miss I wanted to see the life manner being in college. My life has came to the point where I’m ready to do and demo alterations to myself. I have ends that I go by on a day-to-day and monthly modus operandi. When I’m truly commited to my ends. I achieve them. Now that I’m graduating from Garrison Global academy. I feel like everything is in the right path. I will come across some challenges. but every bit long as I have faith in God he will supply. and maintain me strong so I can remain focus. I will win.

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