Who are you?Aren’t you that guy?You know the one who wanders downtown and all around.Nowhere to be found.Searching through the trash.Looking for food or something like corn mash.The one, the rich kids joke about, all smelly and compelling.Why don’t you leave this place, you’re really quite repelling.Your clothes stink and they are wrinkled.Seeing your face with so many crinkles.Your teeth stained from not brushing.Why do you keep rushing?Place to place to be seen.Why are you so crude?If you only knew who I am.Or why I am here today.Listen carefully, son, lend  me your ear for me to say.I climb in this dumpster because I have no food or money.I grab what I can to eat, so leave me alone, little Sonny.You’re young at heart and don’t really understand.So, go away before I give you a stinging backhand.I have no place to call home,being all alone.No cause of mine, it was taken from my hands.They came in like vultures sweeping up every piece of land.Destroying all my legacy of pride and riches, all was removed from me.So don’t judge me for you may be mistaken.I, too, had dreams and hope of being successful.Just years ago, I stood right here looking at a man  in a dumpster,  just like you. Making fun of him, telling him awful things and asking him to leave.I was young once like you and life was really great.Things began to happen in lifecausing my demise.Never realizing that fate has a way of making things right.When you make fun of someone else, in life, it has long lasting consequences.Never really feeling the sting of life until you incur expenses.Lost everything I had, my whole life savings all because of fate.Fate you cannot control.Even as you become older.Learn from my mistakes in life so you may never fail.Remember to respect others always along your walks and never lift a yell.Because one day you may be me, and I be you.So, watch what you say and don’t be so quick to judge.For,  I am who you are today.

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