“If you have to cover with a animal you have to handle him as a beast”1. said President Harry Truman to warrant the usage of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But isn’t this the exact antonym of what is preached in the bible? “If person smacks you on one cheek.

offer the other also” ( Luke 6:29 ) . it does non state that we should slap back to flush the mark. So was dropping the bombs the incorrect determination. or was it the lone manner for Truman to stop the war without many more casualties on the American side?After the testing of the bomb in Alamogordo New Mexico.

when it was clear merely how powerful and terrorizing the destructive force it held was. there were many more determinations to be made by Truman and his advisers. The most of import on was of class where to drop the bomb. On Tokyo.

on an untasted metropolis. on an uninhabited island or on a military base. there were many options but which one had the most advantages militarily and besides politically? General Marshall thought “that the A-bomb should foremost be used non against civilians but against military installations”1 he wanted to salvage the lives of guiltless Nipponese civilians. but many. like the president’s head adviser Byrnes. were for dropping the bomb on an untasted metropolis to clearly show the destructiveness and effects of the bomb. Merely a few scientists involved in the Manhattan undertaking wanted to drop the atomic bomb on a alone island with perceivers from Japan to intimidate them. In the terminal it was decided to drop the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki because they were untasted and Hiroshima had a military works close by.

besides it “ranked as Japan’s eighth largest metropolis. with 250000 people. ”Not merely were at that place many factors to be considered in how and where to utilize the atomic arm but besides grounds why.

The chief ground President Truman stated was to stop the war rapidly and to salvage American lives ; he saw the land invasion planned for November 1st as inevitable if they did non drop the bomb. The guestimates for the casualties and deceases in such an invasion were highly high and Truman did non desire to put on the line that many immature men’s lives. Another factor that influenced him in doing the determination was Japan’s backstabbing onslaught on Pearl Harbour. America’s population had started to detest the so called “Japs” even more than the Germans so the general attitude called for retaliation. Revenging the many deceases from Pearl Harbour would do the people look up to Truman more for they did non swear him really much at the beginning of his presidential term. A merely as act uponing political factor was “ [ T ] he Manhattan Project bing about $ 2 billion”1 as President Truman would non be able to warrant this immense cost if it would ne’er bear fruit to be used in the war.

Another non-military ground. nevertheless merely as of import and act uponing. was the USSR.Truman. Byrnes and Stimson the secretary of war all thought about showing America’s power towards the Russians and wanted to avoid engagement with the Communists in this triumph. They wanted to stop the war before the Russians could.

as promised. come in the war three months after the triumph over Nazi Germany ; besides they wanted to enforce them so that they could cover with them more easy refering Eastern Europe and Asia. “’Japs will turn up up before Russia comes in. ’ Truman wrote”2. clearly demoing his purpose to stop the war without Russia’s aid. As ever there are besides many negative facets to of import determinations such as whether or non to drop an atomic bomb.

Even after the trial in Alamogordo all the aftereffects of the radiation were non clear yet. Droping the bomb on so many civilians without even cognizing all the effects was incorrect in my sentiment.There were many other options President Truman had such as “allow the Japanese to maintain their emperor”2 by altering unconditioned resignation.

Apparently this was his purpose as after Japan’s licking he allow them maintain Emperor Hirohito until his decease but without a replacement. Another option he had was to go on the conventional firebombing which besides caused a batch of devastation. already about 80000 deceases and had no unknown aftereffects like radiation. This option nevertheless. even if done together with the sea encirclement.

would hold taken much longer and the Nipponese might hold fought until the acrimonious terminal. The American’s could hold besides demonstrated the bomb on an uninhabited island with Nipponese observation and menace them with the usage of it on a Nipponese metropolis. besides they could hold threatened with the Russians come ining the war.

for the Nipponese knew nil about the understanding between the Americans and the USSR.All in all I can non state how I would hold decided if I had been in Truman’s place. there are many factors that spoke for the bomb but besides good options. I think Truman was strongly influenced by Byrnes. who himself wanted to be president.

and by his predecessor’s determination devising. President Roosevelt had already planned to utilize the bomb and Truman went along with the program. In my sentiment Truman’s purposes were good and he has many good grounds to warrant his actions with. The lone factor I strongly dislike is the retaliation for Pearl Harbour because “an oculus for an oculus makes the whole universe blind” . Besides I think that the 2nd bomb should non hold been dropped merely three yearss after the first merely because the Russians entered the war.

The Japanese should hold been given more clip to give up because Emperor Hirohito had already given his people permission to make so.Even though the Americans did non cognize of this permission they should hold tried to happen out if the Japanese were ready to give up or if they were still willing to contend until the terminal. “The Nipponese had already been defeated.

and it was merely a brief affair of clip before”3 they would hold to give up. But what decidedly has to be considered is that for the dropping of the 2nd atomic bomb no word was needed from Truman so it is non clear if he wanted it to be dropped ; all I know is that he stopped the 3rd from being used because he “had scruples about killing ‘all those kids’”2. I conclude that I largely agree with why Truman decided to drop the bomb and that he had many good grounds to make so. but I can non cognize what person else would hold chosen to make. What would the result of the war and the wake would hold been if Truman had decided otherwise? To drop the bomb was a good determination for America but we will ne’er cognize if it was the best.

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