Shakespeare created Rosalind with many admirable features. I can conceive of she was based off of his ideal adult female. She’s smart. thoughtful in choosing a hubby.

and independent. I can see why Shakespeare would do such a character. Rosalind demonstrates her intelligence by believing rapidly and holding witty exchanges with other characters.

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At the terminal of the book she has besides been an effectual matcher. Everybody has a happy stoping because of her humor. When moving as Ganymede. Rosalind thinks on her pess as Orlando inquiries her.

He asks her why she speaks so good if she was born in the wood ; she rapidly replies that she had an uncle raised in tribunal that taught her how to talk decently. Before Rosalind can get married Orlando. she tests him and gets to cognize him foremost. She doesn’t rashly leap into matrimony with him and is careful to take him as a hubby.Her whole procedure of happening if he is worthy as her hubby is to play as Ganymede giving Orlando advice about love. She ne’er reveals that she is Ganymede and takes her clip in happening out if Orlando is a suited lucifer for her.

She knows she loves him but doesn’t run away instantly to happen him like other misss would. Shakespeare likely would desire a miss with a good caput on her shoulders. When Rosalind meets Duke Senior. her male parent. in the wood. she is dressed as Ganymede.

Though she is happy to see her male parent. she doesn’t reveal who she is. She shows her independency by go oning to populate with Celia and Touchstone.

She is capable of life by herself and choosing her ain hubby. She doesn’t need her male parent to be after her life for her. Rosalind is likely Shakespeare’s ideal adult female. She is smart. careful in taking a hubby. and independent. I can see why these features make her desirable to Shakespeare.

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