Will you still give all you have, if laughter and romantic excitement turn into anger and tears? I bet you’re clueless. I recommend you to watch a MMFF entry titled “All of You” directed by Dan Villegas bringing together Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay again after starring a 2014 MMFF entry “English Only Please”. All of You start showing last December 25, 2017 in cinema’s nationwide. If you miss the chance to watch it during Christmas vacation, the movie is still showing in Robinsons Galleria, SM City Fairview, SM City Manila, SM City North EDSA, SM Megamall. The story revolves about Gab (Derek Ramsay) and Gabby (Jennylyn Meercado) as they met in online dating app, who finds themselves click after dating and spending a night together. Gabby is working a research in Thailand and Gab was travelling. As they return to the Philippines they dated several times and suddenly Gab asked Gabby to live together in his apartment. During the first half of their relationship it was stable but when they reach their third years of togetherness they face a lot of arguments and problem. There is a point where Gabby asking Gab to get married but Gab declined saying he is not ready for a more serious relationship. They still work their relationship but they asked themselves if it is worth to fight for and where this relationship will go. Dan Villegas (English Only Please, The Breakup Playlist, Walang Forever) is a well-known director and cinematographer. You can see in his films the lightness and true to life happenings because his own true to life relationship defies labels or description in his films where the viewers relates. Villegas is known as a director in the films English Only Please, Walang Forever and All of You. He said in the interview that, All of You is way more matured and realistic unlike to those two films. They told also that they target the slice of life in this film. He also added that it is very real that’s why there is a lot of love scene where he justify that, if you are new together you’ll just stare together and eventually after the honeymoon stage then there’s nothing. They just want to show this off. All of you is a serious and complicated film where it tackles a real life situation. There is no twist and turns in this movie. You will feel like the story was made for you if you’re in a relationship but if no, you’ll find it the story is likely on someone you know. They says that the film was un-relatable but if you will see in the bigger picture, if  you love there is no restriction or underlines. When you love you don’t just love the qualities that you like, you have to love him/her unconditionally and who is she/he really are. In overall I enjoy the film there is nothing more I can say. In the technical aspects and cinematography I can say that they do well. This film is real and relatable.This is not a usual rom-com movie. It is a serious look about relationship work and detoriate. And also this not the usual ending you are hoping forI recommend the movie “All of You” to all ages I will surely say that you’ll enjoy it. For children ages less 13 years old I advice that you need a supervision of your parents upon watching this. The movie is a 8/10.

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