William Blake
was born in London on November 28, 1757. He is a poet, painter and printmaker. When
he was little he was never a formal school but he could read and read it is a
work of literary works . Because his hobbies william blake can go to school at
the Royal Academy is a famous art school in England. During his life, people
think of him as a madman because of his mystical flow. now William Blake is
considered a historical figure of poetry and visual art from the times of
Romanticism. His poetry containing his prophecies, his visual art according to
his contemporary art critics is “The greatest artist”. Blake is
upheld by critics for his creativity and philosophical and mystical flow in his
work. His paintings and poems have been part of the 18th-century Romanticism
and Pre-Romantics movement. He is died in London on August 12, 1827 at age 69 and
now his work is much admired. William Blake’s poem
entitled “The Little Black Boy”. “The Little Black Boy”  creation by William Blake tells of a boy who
is discovering his true self and loving his mother in the search for God during
his lifetime. He interpreted his identity as a black man. In the cultural
environment, black people feel always treated unfairly by the white people,
causing injustice in life.

Phonology is a
linguistic field that analyzes different pronunciation phenomena by speakers in
an area. in the phonology of language sounds including phonemes and meaning
differences including the minimal pair. Minimal
Pair are two words that are only distinguished by one sound or phoneme and have
different meanings. The minimal pair serves as a human speech
utility to facilitate between the speaker and the listener in determining two
or more contrasting sounds of the phoneme. the phoneme is different meaning.
For example / t / and / l / in english enough with minimal pairs “took” and “look”
his includes phonemes because / t / and / l / diferents meaning (Roach, 1984 p.54 ).
According to theory, minimal pairs 
has three types like initial word, middle word and final word. initial
word examples : phonemes /joy/ and /boy/ different meaning /j/ and /b/ ,
middle word examples : phonemes /boy/ and /buy/ different meaning /o/ and /u/ ,
and final word phonemes /poot/ and /poor/ different meaning /t/ and /r/. so, if
we want to prove whether a phoneme sounds a language, first searched the Minimal
pair of two similar forms and distinguish meaning. For example if you want to
know the sound / h / phoneme or not, then we find the minimum pair of words “hear” and “heat”. the word hearing consists of sounds / h /, / e /, /
a /, and / r / whereas the standard word consists of sounds / h /, / e /, / a
/, and / t /. Thus, in the hearing and heat pair there are three equal sounds,
the distinct sound of / r / in the word hear and the / t / sound of the word heat.
also serves some contrasting English phonemic symbols. examples of pool  words and pull  words that distinguish phonemic symbols  / u? / 
and  / ? / and / f / / v / on file
and vile distinguish their meaning at the beginning of a word  (Brown, 1988).

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Researchers conducted this study to
find out the minimal pair of poetry readings “The Little Black Boy”
seen from the video, the authors do research on this case because the case is
very important to be analyzed instantly. because in the linguistic phenomenon,
when the regional people speak English, something that is said is still
carrying the characteristic dialect dialect. I guess people also do not
understand there is a difference in meaning or not the word he pronounced, do
not understand phonetic symbol on this minimal pair. So the purpose of pair
analysis is minimal to see whether or not there is a phoneme from a word in a poem
and similar to the first word with the next word and whatever place the
artistation on that word. The data from this study used qualitative data found
from the analysis of the poem “The Little Black Boy” and looked for
the minimal pair in the poem.

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