Wind Turbine Generation System (WTGS) is a vehicle
mounted wind turbine system that is used to generate electricity. This paper
focuses on designing a horizontal axis wind turbine and simulating its
performance and showing its output results. This paper shows power extracted by
the turbine from the wind and its different parameters (attack angle, drag
co-efficient, wind speed) relation with extracted power. It’s assumed that
there is no external air flow. Thus vehicle speed is assumed to be air speed.
And if there is any external air flow, it will be added to the air velocity.
Values of some constants like Mach number, Reynolds number, Ncrit are
considered for a certain testing environment.

Keywords: Wind energy, wind turbine, electric vehicle,
power, simulation

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Renewable energy sources
offer limitlessresource and environment friendly operation compared
toconventional energy sources. There are several forms ofrenewable energy such
as solar energy, wind energy,geothermal energy, tidal energy, hydro energy
andbioenergy.However, wind energy is the most valuable, safe and fastest
growing renewable energy. At the end of2016, wind energy has served
approximately 49%electricity of South Australia (GWEC, 2017). Moreover, it is
low cost(0.12/kWh) (Ravi et al., 2009), low carbon footprints (

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