With thousands of viewers and subscribers, beauty bloggers have dramatically changed the fashion/beauty industry over the past five years. Some may call these people ‘trendsetters’ as they are the ones who make the hottest trends. My aim is to expose their secrets of how these notorious beauty celebrities make unknown brands become worldwide known.One of the reasons why beauty bloggers have become so successful is because of social media, including Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Social media has a big impact on their careers as its the platform they use to sell their content and where they reach out to their viewers. The internet has opened up the marketplace for the beauty industry.  Bloggers take the advantage of the easy accessibility to their fans, they interact with them over Twitter or YouTube comments and asks them what type of content they want to see next, by doing this viewers get what they desire and they only the thing bloggers have to do is upload what they have been asked for easy money. Building a community for a brand is a very important factor and very easy to achieve with social media.

When fans see that a brand has a big community they feel like if they follow them they will become part of it.  We live in an age where people want to express their ideas and opinions and social media is a great platform for anyone in the world to complain about brands and rate them. Meaning that anyone can become an influencer in a couple of seconds just by posting their opinion online.Instagram is a very known app to easily become successful and marketing platform due to the fact that it’s used worldwide and free of use. Therefore makeup brands use this to their advantage as they can promote their products and put their content in front of their followers.

They can also upload short videos of how to use the product and tutorials. This is very helpful to increase the growth of audience. The people in the video show their product to usually future customers.  This is very helpful for new brands and gurus that want to promote but don’t want to spend money yet as they are only getting started. This is advertising that pays for itself and is replacing traditional marketing.YouTube is another very similar useful website to self-promote, it has become the most viewed site for beauty related videos online as there are thousands of people tuning in every day to either start their own channel or stream in to see the latest videos. Most known beauty bloggers start here as you can upload unlimited videos online and anyone around the world can watch it.

Beauty bloggers have become the best beauty advisers as customers want more detailed and real information that explains what’s new and what is hyping. They want to know how to achieve different looks and look good. And they’re more confident buying products presented to them by individual gurus rather than finding out by themselves.

Beauty bloggers have become so known and admirable because when someone wants to invest in a new beauty product, they obviously want an honest review of the cosmetic and not buy something and then turn out to not work out as it claims to do. Therefore these gurus buy these products and write or film a review stating whether they like the product or not. So it prevents the customer from making a bad decision. Although sometimes this can be a bad thing because as these bloggers grow in views due to their “honest opinions” their reputation also grows and they become famous celebrities. Big cosmetic companies are taking notice.

They’re teaming up with these bloggers for advertisements. Some are even creating new products. Then, when they do decide to sign a contract with a makeup line to be sponsored, they will always show the positive side and always claim that the products work. Then the blogger’s fans/viewers think that the review is one hundred percent honest as they have seen in their other reviews, they go buy the item and find out that the guru was paid to advertise the makeup line as they realize that the cosmetic was a fraud and waste of money.

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