That was the inquiry posed at Friday’s Utah Valley Women’s Business Conference and harmonizing to research presented at that same conference. the reply is yes. Keynote talker Bob Sherwin. CEO of Zenger Folkman. presented research his company published in the March edition of the Harvard Business Review. The information comes from 1000s of studies that rate leaders in 16 different traits thought to be of import to leading. including taking inaugural. driving consequences.

developing strategic positions. developing others and set uping ends. The research shows that when evaluated by their higher-ups.

equals. subsidiaries and themselves. adult females in leading places score better than work forces in 12 of the 16 classs. “Some of the results we expected like work forces keeping more leading places.

work forces keeping higher places and adult females being better nurturers. ” Sherwin said. “But some things were unexpected like women’s advantages non being confined to fostering. ” Sherwin said that at every degree of leading runing from supervisor to CEO adult females were perceived as being more effectual leaders and the higher the place the bigger the spread was between how effectual adult females were versus work forces.“In their survey they found that adult females had higher Markss on taking inaugural and driving for consequences and that is a new thing. ” said Susan Madsen. professor of leading and moralss at Utah Valley University’s Woodbury concern school.

“Men have been known for acquiring consequences and adult females for merely caring about people but adult females are stepping up. ” Despite research that shows adult females can be — and are — effectual leaders. the figure of adult females in leading places is still really low compared to work forces. Harmonizing to informations presented by Sherwin. 53 per centum of new hires are adult females and 47 per centum are work forces but as you climb the ladder places held by adult females get fewer and fewer. Sherwin says at the supervisor degree 37 per centum are adult females and 63 per centum are work forces.

at the frailty president degree merely 26 per centum are adult females and by the clip you get to CEO merely 3 per centum of those places are held by adult females. Madsen said it isn’t wholly clear as to why adult females aren’t in more leading places but that research points to several grounds.“The literature is pretty clear. sometimes adult females merely don’t privation to be in those functions. they will travel up the ladder and expression in front and see how people above them are giving up so much and non paying attending to their households. It is a pick that adult females make sometimes even though they are qualified. ” Madsen said.

“Sometimes they don’t see function theoretical accounts so they don’t think that there is an chance for them. Women besides a batch of times believe that they are non prepared to travel into leading. think they should cognize everything. have replies before they move into a leading function. while work forces with the same experience will merely travel for it.

” Sherwin cited three grounds why adult females may non be progressing up the corporate ladder as fast as work forces: adult females non desiring the occupation. adult females believing they can’t acquire the occupation and adult females believing they can’t have the occupation. He says the first is a personal pick but the 2nd two are because there is a civilization of holding work forces in leading.

“There are stereotypes about what adult females and work forces are expected to make and the sort of things they are strong at and non strong at. ” said Tali Mendelberg. associate professor of political relations at Princeton University.“Society says adult females are non equal leaders and manus in manus with that goes the experience many adult females have that if they do move like leaders and exercise leading they suffer inauspicious effects.

Many adult females who have the endowment are loath to exert those endowments because they don’t want to pay the costs. ” Sherwin said that concerns should be making whatever it takes to acquire more adult females in leading places. “Performance is tied to leaders ; the more effectual leaders you have the better public presentation you will hold and adult females are more effectual. ” Sherwin said. “The deduction is that if companies have musca volitanss that need make fulling.

make fulling them with adult females will do a difference. ” He said companies can promote adult females by offering more flexible options like occupation sharing. household time-off. parttime plans or flexibleness in scheduling. “Women bring some alone positions and abilities to any profession.

” said Utah House Speaker Becky Lockhart. R-Provo.“That is to the advantage of any company to hold a diverseness of abilities and sentiments in leading functions. ” Both Sherwin and Madsen spoke to the importance of adult females holding function theoretical accounts to look up to.

stating it is of import for adult females to see other adult females being successful. But they besides said that right now at that place aren’t many high-octane adult females to look up to. “It is one of my ends to be a good illustration and to be that function theoretical account to other adult females. I want them to believe I can make that. that is something I can make and I can accomplish. ” Lockhart said. “It is non impossible to hold a household and calling but it does affect forfeit. Womans have to equilibrate all of the things in their life and do picks.

” Madsen said that regardless of whether adult females want to hold high-octane callings or non. it is of import for them to acquire involved in leading in whatever manner possible. “Leadership is of import in the community and other topographic points. The more adult females we have in leading.

whether it be church. communities or high school principals it will impact the result of coevalss to come. ” Madsen said. “All adult females need to be leaders. they merely don’t have to be a CEO.

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