Womans trafficking is one of the fastest increasing condemnable industry in the universe today. Women trafficking or “modern-day slavery” is illegal trade of human existences for forced labours and cocottes or for sexual development. Soon. Thai society besides faces many jobs. which related to adult females trafficking and harlotry. Prostitution has ever been a worldwide serious job for every state in the universe. particularly in Thailand. While Thailand is a beautiful state with rich natural resources with tonss of beautiful attractive forces and sceneries that can promote more than 14 million of foreign tourers to come and see each twelvemonth ; nevertheless. the state has gained international ill fame among travellers from many states as a sex touristry finish. Many foreign tourers from the different states around the universe take flight to Thailand to see the celebrated sex touristry from Thai cocottes.

Even though harlotry is punishable and illegal in Thailand. it is barely implemented and there are high Numberss of adult female choose to make this calling. The major cause of harlotry is poorness. since few of any would desire to work in this field merely for amusement. Some cocottes enter this field by pick but others are unhappily forced. Prostitution is a large money shaper as 1000000s of tical are spent on sex services in Thailand in each twelvemonth. Although harlotry is illegal in Thailand. most of the tourers have given attendings straight to nightlife and harlotry in Thailand instead than the quality of Thai natural attractive forces. Presently. harmonizing to the Thailand Government Public Health Department. there are about 75. 000 cocottes in Thailand. Besides. non-governmental organisation ( NGO ) group estimated that the figure of cocottes at any given clip is near to 2 million ranging in age 12 or older. *

Many grounds that people turn to harlotry are a direct consequence of the Thai economic system and the life style of Thai citizens. There is great poorness and a willingness of a deprived household to make anything to acquire money. These are the chief grounds for the addition figure of cocottes. Some rural households sell their girls to the agents in order to unclutter the debt and besides for their endurances. These kids are willing to demo the gratitude to their parents ; nevertheless. they choose the incorrect manner to make so. The 2nd ground is the deficiency of employment for uneducated adult females. The maximal pay that the adult females without the sheepskin or grade can gain is really low. It might non be plenty for their endurance. Many immature uneducated adult females choose to be a cocotte in order to gain more money and to hold a better life. The 3rd ground is that many immature adult females are tired of populating their life in the rural country. They are willing to take a opportunity with a new happy life given by the agents.

Therefore. they decide to travel to the metropolis. These adult females picture themselves with a large house and epicurean life. They get such thought from the mass media. Once they enter the metropolis. they know that the easiest manner to acquire money and do their dream comes true is to be a cocotte since harlotry is an easy work. These adult females can do a great sum of money by merely giving their organic structure without difficult work. Thailand is known as a land where the sex industry thrives. Furthermore. the figure of Sexually Transmitted Diseases ( STD ) is rather high. As of 2012. Thailand has the highest HIV/AIDS degree in Southeast Asia. and besides the 3rd state in Asia. Not merely in Asia but besides Thailand ranked in the 16th states among 193 states with the highest entire HIV/AIDS infected.

Thailand has an HIV/AIDS infection rate of 0. 87 per centum of its population of 60. 617. 200 people. which estimate about 530. 000 people with HIV/AIDS infected in Thailand. An estimated 28. 000 people have died because of HIV each twelvemonth and many more are expected to decease in the approaching old ages. The chief cause of the high figure of HIV/AIDS infection is because of harlotries and drug maltreatment. The statistic shows that a 3rd of HIV positive patients are the cocottes. Nowadays. Thai cocottes do non merely do jobs in Thailand but besides in other states. such as Japan and Malaysia. Prostitution can take to another job such as human trafficking. hence. the authoritiess from every state are seeking to work out the job since harlotry will do the serious jobs to their state.

In Japan:

* Japan is recognized as a finish state for the trafficking of adult females maily from Southeast Asia. Latin American. and progressively from Eastern Europe. Harmonizing to CATW-Asia Pacific Newsletter. There are more than 150. 000 foreign adult females working in harlotry in Japan ; more than half are Filipinos and 40 % are Thai. Many adult females from Thailand are brought to Japan by the agents to work as cocottes. The bulk of adult females trafficked to Japan look to be big adult females. although there is some grounds that some are under 18 old ages of age. likely going with illegal passports. *

Many Thai cocottes tend to traverse the boundary line illicitly to travel work in Japan. Some Thai cocottes make a bogus designation card and forge passport in order to go to Japan. These people are interrupting the jurisprudence and it is unsafe for they can do farther jobs such as drug trafficking and many more. The authorities in Japan is seeking its best to forestall those people from come ining the state every bit good as from doing problem to their state. * Ms. Thanadda Sawangduean is one of the cocottes who used to work in Japan for more than 2 old ages before arrested by the Nipponese officers. Presently. she is an awarded author. She wrote a book about her life experience while she was working as a cocotte in other states.

* She one time said about her two old ages spent in Japan. “It was like a incubus for me. The agents told me that my work was to be a waitress in the eating house but it was wholly different when I arrived Japan. They forced me to work as a cocotte. I had to hold intercourse 50 times per twenty-four hours and 20 proceedingss per one clip. I didn’t have a pick since I had to pay them back for the aeroplane ticket. If I don’t do the work. they will crush me up. ” *

* In Malaya: * Malaysia is a major state known for adult female and kids trafficking for sexual development. Sexual activity workers are coming to Malaysia from all over the universe but most of them are Thai. In Malaysia. they largely separate cocottes into 2 different categories. which are High terminal and Low-end sex market harmonizing to the age of the cocottes. Harmonizing to the World Health Organization. there are between 150. 000 and 200. 000 sex workers in Malaysia. most of them are Chinese and Thais. Recently. Malayan authorities study found that there were 76. 000 to 77. 000 grownup cocottes in registered amusement industries ; nevertheless. NGOs believed there were between 200. 000 and 300. 000 cocottes.

Although Centres such as Bangkok ( Patpong. Soi Nana. and Soi Cowboy ) . Pattaya. and Phuket are frequently known as chief tourer harlotry countries. with Hat Yai and other Malayan boundary line metropoliss supplying to Malaysians. harlotry takes topographic point in about every major metropolis and state in the state. Malayan authorities declared that Malayan males should mind of STDs that can be transmitted from cocottes. Harmonizing to the book named “Kon Glai Baan” . written by Mr. Pattana Kitiarsa. the professor from National University of Singapore. one time wrote narrative about the victim named Ms. Ploy based on her true experience. Ms. Ploy is a adult female from Buriram Province. Thailand who wanted to portion her experience when she was working as cocotte in Malaysia. She said that she had to hold intercourse with 10-20 male workers per twenty-four hours in the jungle with no H2O and no shelter. Most of them didn’t wear rubber. so now she is enduring from HIV disease.

* In decision. as we all know that being a cocotte can convey up a bad image for the state as a whole. hence. the authorities should supply instruction for younger coevals about the bad affect they might acquire if they choose to work in this field. The authorities should do certain that adult females in rural country are educated and promote them to work in better Fieldss instead than being a cocotte. Besides. the mass media should demo and air more about the effects of holding a sexual intercourse without utilizing a protection. which will convey consciousness to the people. Even though the media is seeking its best to air about the danger of non utilizing protection. nevertheless. it needs to work harder to promote people to utilize protection and beware of STD. With the aid of the authorities and mass media. the figure of cocottes would diminish and it could alter the image of Thailand from the land of sex into a better one.

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