Working paper 1.0

ECOSOC (United Nations Entity for
Gender Equality and Empowerment for Women)

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Signatories: People’s Republic of China, Afghanistan, Bahrain, India, Canada,
Kuwait, France, Israel, Libya, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Netherlands,
Nepal, Russian Federation, Argentina, United States of America, United Kingdom,
Kingdom of Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, Switzerland, Italy

Agenda: Rights of women refugees and

The committee,

Recalling the general
recommendation 26 of the convention on the
elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (CEDAW),

Guided by past UN resolutions such as 1820 (2008), 1325 (2000) and 2106 (2013) on
women peace and security,

Alarmed by the violence committed against women in case of conflict and in
refugee camps,

Defining the following terms as agreed by the international community,

a) Migrant: A person who legally leaves their country
mainly in order to seek better economic opportunities, there are two types off
migration internal and external. Internal migration is moving within the
country by state to state, however external migration is when a person moves
into a foreign country,

b)Illegal migrant: a person who has moved or crossed the border
without legal permission
from the government,

Refugee: A refugee is a person who
is forced to leave their country due to conflict or persecution and is forced
to seek shelter in neighboring country,

d)Immigrant: a person who
comes into a foreign country to live permanently,

Fully alarmed by the problems faced by the legal and illegal
immigrants such as but not limited to:

a) Racial

b)Xenophobia and

c) Unemployment,

d)Racism on the
basis of color, religion, nationality, or language,

e) Language
barriers in daily life,

Fully aware that unprepared migrants can immediately find
themselves in countries that have formal legal restrictions or ban on female
employment in certain sectors and may lead to:

a) Funelling of
women workers into the informal and illegal sector such as prostitution, child

b)Due to an
absence of binding contracts workers may face;

i. Discrimination,

ii. Long working

iii. Unsafe and inadequate
working environment,

iv. Limited access
to health facilities,

v. Sleep deprivation,

vi. Sexual assault
and rapes by male employees,

studied the following reasons for migration:

a)     Political

b)    Seeking
for better economic opportunities,

c)     Social
reasons such as for better quality life,

d)    Environmental
reasons such as a natural disaster or climate change,

e)     Due
to lack of safety,

f)     High

g)     Pull
factors are;

Higher employment,

Good climate,

More wealth etc,

Having examined the following reasons for certain countries for not
catering refugees,

a) Due to a people
centered path where the people think that they are in the best position to
decide its path on human development,

b)Due to an over-
flow of population and many are still awaiting financial help,

c) Because the
refugees might not want to seek asylum in a specific country where there is a
wide range of cultural difference and this may embarrass the country and put it
into a dilemma,

d)Due to any
financial crisis faced by the country,

e) Islamophobia, or
hate towards a certain culture where the refugees belong from,

f) Over
cautiousness about national security,


Observing the following reasons for women being
specifically targeted:

They are
targeted as a tactic of war in which sexual or other types of violence are
inflicted upon them due to the following reasons:

It is used
as means to achieve an end goal, which makes it seem justified for the
combatants that are inflicting violence upon women;

Using sexual
or other types of violence in warfare serves to displace people from the area
by generating terror;

Due to the
emotional attachment that those partaking in warfare have, to their loved ones,
which are not actively participating in war, exploiting women related to the
soldiers can emotionally weaken the enemy;

Men have a
false sense of superiority which results in them taking out their sexual urges
on the female civilians present in the conflict zones, considering them spoils
of warfare;

Women make
for an easier target as they may usually pose little threat to the men that are
the offenders;

Recognizing the problems pertaining to the displacement
of individuals, including:

a) Lack of proper documentation for refugees,
which means that their children will not be nationals of any country and lack
of documentation also leads to problems in identification and provision of

b)Increased militarization in encampments in which the displaced people
reside which can lead to offences without accountability

c) Displaced people are vulnerable in travel
and can be easily targeted by human traffickers

Fully alarmed of the deplorable conditions of refugee
camps in conflict zones, which include:

a) Lack of food and water,

b)Lack of sanitation,                                

c) Lack of medical facilities,

d)IDP encampments are usually under constant attack,

e) Unlicensed schools,

f) Over crowding,

g) Intense poverty,

h)Unstable residence,

i)  There is high abundance of sexual offences
within refugee camps, which can be reduced through:

Presence of
female guards in the camps,

Having guided by United Nation Higher Commissioner for
refugees that women are vulnerable to violence such as,

a) Rape which may lead to;


ii. Sexually transmitted diseases

b)Sexual assaults,

c) Forced prostitution,

d)Drug-induced sexual assault,

e) Female Genital Mutilation,

Noting the harms of sexual violence and
categorizing them as:

a) Physical harms, including wounding,
bleeding or scarring,

b)Psychological harms include,

i. Disorders like the Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder and a weak state of mind which may result in thoughts of suicide;

ii. Awareness campaigns should be used to
generate awareness about the issues correlating to sexual violence,

c)    The
direct effects include the physical and mental harm that women undergo such as
trauma, complications during pregnancies, painful intercourse,

Recommends the following measures to
be taken to counter violence in conflict zones:

a)    Increasing the participation of women in conflict resolution at
decision-making levels and in peacekeeping and protecting women living in
situations of armed and other conflicts or under foreign occupation,

b)   Providing protection, assistance and training, to refugee and internally
displaced women,

c)    Action by governments to investigate and punish members of the police,
security and armed forces and others who perpetrate acts of violence against

Emphasizing that women education is
the key to achieve women empowerment and reduce gender based violence:

a)    Educating and spreading awareness amongst women and survivors           regarding the rights in their
constitution by appointing experienced and professional women representatives,

b)   Public awareness raising campaigns to be used to initiate public debate
about violence against women and challenge social norms. The use of social
media and information technology to enhance seldom-heard  messages about violence against women,

Fully aware
that child recruitment has been highly increasing in conflict zones such as in
Afghanistan and may be used as:

a)    Fighters,

b)   Cooks,

c)    Suicide

d)   Human

e)    Spies,

f)     Sexual

Deeply concerned that
women face the following issues upon arrival in the host country,

a)    Resettlement,

b)   Certain
countries may have overwhelming application processes which may ask the women
to wait for a long time without employment,

c)    Countries
may have rigorous vetting system,

d)   Pregnant
women may not receive instant health care,

e)    Wounded
children and women may not receive first aid.



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