Select three events from the list of five given below – one demoing isolationism. one demoing intercession. and one screening imperialism. Using complete sentences. compose one paragraph depicting the event and explicating whether it should be categorized as isolationism. intercession. or imperialism. In a 2nd paragraph. explicate the ground for the U. S class of action in each event. * The United States annexes Hawaii in 1900.

This is a illustration of imperialism because Hawaii was nil but a island and the united provinces went over there and took over them. and added them as a province. The united provinces added Hawaii to the state because it was easier to descry on Japan from there them from 1000 stat mis off. they added them after the Nipponese bomb the USA. this is why this is a illustration of imperialism. * The United States annexes Samoa in 1899.

This is a illustration of imperialism because Samoa was non portion of the USA. they sent some war vessels at that place to take over Samoa even when Germany had control over it. In the 1889 Germany invaded Samoa and destroyed American belongings with this being done the united provinces sent 3 ships over to Germany but they were met by a cyclone which destroyed most of the ship of both states. Aften that happened the states came to a understanding and divided Same into 2 parts. American Samoa and Germany who took The United States efforts to intercede in the Venezuela-Great Britain difference in 1895.

The U. S. interview. coercing both parties agree to arbitration. it was in Paris and in the terminal they sad that the district pretence for the Great Britain. These Acts of the Apostless made by the united provinces. step ining associate the politic of intercession.

The job in Venezuela occur because a battle between Great Britain and Venezuela. they fight for a topographic point that both states thought belonged for them.

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