This historical event would possibly be considered as the event where the place of the United States as a planetary power laid its foundation. The most outstanding incident in which the United States became known for during this epoch was the development of atomic bomb and utilized this to bomb Japan’s two major metropoliss. In developing these arms during and after the Second World War. the American economic system someway benefited from ammo production.

The entry of the United States in the Second World War was during the clip when the state was easy retrieving from the Great Depression. The necessity for arms opened legion mills for production. Most of the males were being deployed to function in the military and for this ground ; adult females and African americans were given the work to make full the labour spread ( Matthaei. 1996. p. 173 ) . The production of arms provided chances for America to thrive economically despite the war and the post-war epoch led the state for farther economic growing.

The Second World War enormously affected the foreign policy of the United States. Before WWII. the U. S. maintained a regional matter working closely with other states as more of a impersonal state. However. during the Second World War – more specifically after the Pearl Harbor bombing – it established its Alliess with the likes of Great Britain and France to contend against the Axis of Powers.

This confederation would foster place the U. S. as a planetary power most particularly during the Cold War epoch. The U. S. ook a globalist stance in its foreign policy where the enlargement of national security and the public loosely supported for American interventionism in prosecuting war attempt ( Rosati. Hagan. and Sampson. 1994. p. 241 ) . The Second World War II became the door for the United States to lift as a planetary power. The chances that opened during the tallness of the war improved the conditions of the United States which was enduring from the economic reverses. The events of the WWII can be considered as a causeless incident that made the United States what it is today.

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