The first measure to composing a sum-up of a specific reading stuff is. of class. to read the whole article. This is easier said than done because reading is non merely scanning the whole page. It is about giving clip to understand the paper and digesting the whole article. Re-reading may besides be needed to be familiarized with general information. hypothesis. consequences and readings found in the article. Reading the article is followed by taking down notes. Here. plagiarism should be avoided by all agencies.

There is a universe of difference between taking down notes and taking down notes decently. Sometimes. a sentence appears plagiarized even when the writer did non mean make. all because of the improper ways of taking down notes. Note pickings is besides of import in making the lineation or anchor of the sum-up that is about to be written. After this. the existent authorship of the sum-up is following. In composing the bill of exchange. it is of import to follow the order from the original text.

The subject sentence must be mentioned foremost. followed by an account on why the article is a must-read. If there are methods. footings and variables and consequences included in the article. they. excessively. should be explained. This is the opportunity to exclude sentences or information which the article can make without ( Sweeney and Hooker. 2005 ) . Reviewing the survey comes next. where reconnoitering for countries which need betterment is done. Here. inquiries about the credibleness and value of the sum-up should be raised.

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Critiquing is a manner to do certain that the sum-up is helpful. ethical and important. It shows why it needs to be done. The 5th measure is redacting. which is a agency to double-check the sum-up for truth and completeness. If the drumhead deficiencies of import information. add some. If anything sounds excess. cut it. Editing is about guaranting that the manner of the drumhead remains to be intelligent. Wordiness. informal linguistic communication. grammatical faux pass and misspelled words and deceit should be looked after.

The chief intent of redacting is doing certain that the sum-up is acceptable. clear and focussed ( Greenway. 1997 ) .


Greenway. W. ( 1997 ) . Writing a Summary. Youngstown State University. Retrieved July 9. 2008 from hypertext transfer protocol: //iws. ohiolink. edu/~sg-ysu/sumwg. hypertext markup language. Sweeney. T. and Fran H. ( 2005 ) . Streamlining the Summary. Perfecting the Precis. Webster University Writing Center. Retrieved July 9. 2008 from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. Webster. edu/acadaffairs/asp/wc/summary. hypertext markup language.

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