Yes, I have received an orientation with Mrs. Lourdes Fabay, an HR employee in Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines, Corp. regarding our On-the-Job Training. She oriented me as well as my co-ojt’s about the do’s and dont’s inside and outside of the company. One of the important on it is the confidential information that we might know must be kept only from us and shall not publicize internal information nor conversations. I don’t have any questions and concerns. In fact, I was satisfied of what they have been taught to me.

I was designated in Cold Chain Department, everything they asked me to do are specific. But they advised me to don’t hesitate to asked them if I have some uncleared questions. One of my greatest strength is my ability to easily cope up, dealing and work effectively with other people, especially to my bosses, who have intimate contact. Always pay attention to what being told or asked me to do.

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The situation that challenge me the most was multitasking. I’ve encountered to do filing, encoding, photocopying, being asked to do payroll, giving documents/receipts/orders in co-employee/technicians, answering calls from client and other bosses. I did multitaskly three out of that. It is hard because of being confused and distracted on what you have to do first, next and so forth. Sometimes, I need to leave or stay put what I am doing and did what is urgently needed.I overcome that challenge by staying focused on work assigned to me. Don’t make your mind interfered by others to confused yourself of what you’re doing. I did some methods to make my work done faster, organized and correctly.

You just need to stay calm under pressure. Yes, I was destined in a department where I don’ know what they’re doing. Luckily to know and being trained/teached by them which is related to my course. They developed my ability to do multitasking, built-up my confidence, be a good listener, and paying attention/stay focused to work. They are very handy in every instructions and information they’ve given to me.

They help me to take responsibilities and given some tips/knowledge in work which is amenable in my future job. 

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