Yesterday a girl was stolen, now she isalready married. Bride-kidnapping is considered one of the traditions of theKyrgyz people when a man steals a woman and makes her his wife. There are caseswhen a girl agrees to marry and theft is simply played as the tradition.Moreover, there are many cases when girls are stolen without their consent. Inorder to leave this place, girls are prevented by the “curse”.

It isbelieved that the girl who left the house in which she was brought will beunhappy. Bride-kidnapping is a crime and it must be prohibited. Here, humanrights are violated, stereotypes take root and another miserable familyappears.Stealing things, stealing an animal isconsidered a crime, and stealing a person is even more. Every person has rights.This is spelled out in the constitution of the country. Man as a creature hasthe right to freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of thought. Noperson has the right to steal another person, it does not matter for whatpurposes it was committed if there is no consent of the second party.

When thebride is abducted, the rights of the victim are violated.Bride-kidnapping leads to thestrengthening of stereotypes about women. Now the 21st century, an age ofadvanced technology and rapid development, when the rights of women equalizewith the rights of men. But in our country it is still possible to meet old,stereotyped views about the fact that a woman is below status than a man. If agirl can simply be stolen and made his wife, then of course many will thinkthat it is possible to do so. So this girl is that thing that you can just takeand make your own. This stereotyped thinking will also be strengthened in theyounger generation, which in the future leads to an increase in theft ofbrides.

Yesterday, a girl was stolen and now shebecame a married woman with a man she did not know. People decide to getmarried when they understand that they have fallen in love or the time hascome. According to statistics, most divorces occur in families where themarriage was made by stealing the bride. The girl does not know the guy, butthey are now a family. Without love and understanding, the family cannot behappy.

So this is miserable family that in the future can get a divorce.  There will be even more children withoutparents.  In such a family the wife, thehusband and children will be unhappy.A happy family cannot be built withoutthe participation of two parties, and the victim simply cannot become happywith the criminal in the place where her rights as a person were violated.Bride stealing must be stopped because in the future all family will sufferfrom it:  the bride, the groom and allothers too.

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