YOLO!!! JOMO!!! ON FLEEK!!! HUNDO P!!! TBH. You’ve heard these foreign languages before, want to know what it means, Gen Xers? Well then, welcome to the world of millennials, where texting is our number one choice for communication.

If you are a millennial, then you definitely know what I’m talking about. If you are a parent of a millennial you may have difficulty why we choose to talk through our smartphones and never face to face. With each generation, language tends to evolve quickly bringing in new words and making them popular. Giving credit to us millennials, our language changes “V” (very) fast, compared to other generations. Since were the generation that grew up with the internet/ technology, which partially controls the way we chose to communicate.”TBH” (To be honest) it is mostly due to us living in a hyperconnected world. In a recent discussion with my parents who are both Gen Xers, they wanted to understand why we choose to text, the idea/ meaning of the millennial language and especially what is it?Why is texting the best option?Text messages give millennials that ability to communicate quickly and conveniently.

Compared to finding a public phone booth and paying 10 cents for a local call, they argued. It sounds like a lot of effort to me just to make a phone call that lasts three minutes “the struggle is real”. According to OpenMarket, 83% open text messages within 90 seconds of receiving them.

Another reason is that “P” (pretty) much all millennials have their phones glued to their chest, or is it our eyes, I don’t know I never notice anything. Anyway having their phones with them all the time, makes it easier and accessible to anyone wanting to contact them. It is “Hundo P” convenient. Sure often text messages can be misinterpreted. As verbal communication isn’t enough to understand the context of what is being said, the tone and body language can help us further acknowledge what the other person is communicating.

So the problem with text messaging is that other people is not available for interpretation of his message. But, hey “Sorry not Sorry”. It is less of a problem than having to walk and paying 10 cents to make a 3 min call and a public phone booth, that thousands of people have been in to make a call, and you never know what type of people have been in there.

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