Basically it meaner that in order to be be fit and healthy you need to eat good food. People eat whatever they like. Some eat healthy, some eat ћKinkajou”, some only look at the price tags. However, the belief that “you are what you eat” originated in the ass’s with epicurean Anthem Barilla-Saving and philosopher Ludwig Breach. They maintained that food affects one’s health and state of mind. And we can not disagree. Food is the major factor of healthy life.

Everybody has their own choice of food. You can eat ћKinkajou”, but you will only get what you deserve for that. That is – health problems in all the possible ways. It is also not good to always look only on the price tags. Why? It’s simple. If you only eat low-priced, low-quality food, it’s the same as eating Junk-food”. You will spend the money have saved on getting yourself fixed after that food. It’s best to eat healthy, because eating healthy doesn’t damage your body, it does the opposite. Healthy food gives you energy, both mental and physical.

Food affects one’s health and state of mind in every way. Since we are a supporters of a healthy lifestyle, we try to eat as healthy as we can. Good food does a major impact on our health. First of all – good food gives us physical energy and muscle. Second of all – it makes our brain work better and faster. Good food helps us concentrate on our studies and everything else. So we can definitely say – food is the major factor of healthy life. As simple as it is – you eat good – you feel good. You eat bad – you feel bad. You are what you eat.

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So anyone must stick to this simple principle. If people will think more about their health and things they eat – they are going to have a bright and productive future. And I repeat – you are what you eat, so eat well and feel better. Food guide pyramid: Morning cocktail. Components: * Milk * Banana * Oats * Cottage cheese * Strawberries How to make? It’s really simple Just throw everything into the blender and blend the mass for about ?min. After that serve and enjoy your morning drink! You Are What You Eat By maxillae

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